Aim & Objective                       

BRCORP aims at providing services to accelerate the scientific research globally, with a prime objective of bridging the gap between the scientific world and academic community. The organization is focused on creating discussion forums for technology innovation, platform to share research ideas, guidance to science investigators and publishing the associated literature.

Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India felicitating
Prof. J. S. Rao, President & CEO of BRCORP

Mission & Vision

The insight of a strong visionary, founded Basha Research Corporation with a mission to exaggerate its services globally and attain the unreached. The strong values and dedicated resources of this organization shall make it competent with leading research and development service providers, technical committees and periodical publishers worldwide.

Dr. Minendra Rizal, Minister for IT & Comm.
Govt. of Nepal felicitating Dr. R. Hafeez Basha

Message from President & CEO

“Science as we know today was born over three centuries ago which led to engineering applications a century later. Engineers could not use exact sciences and approximated them to achieve the engineering applications in various branches of engineering that evolved over a century ago, mainly because of the limitations on numerical calculations.
This limitation has been removed with the advent of digital computers in the last 2-3 decades. Thus sciences became the main engineering tools rather than approximations and testing – Simulation Based Engineering Science (SBES) is popular in all engineering disciplines in the current day design practices across all branches.
BRCORP is a conglomerate of the Basha Group of Companies managed by the Basha Family in various countries including Singapore, USA, UK, Japan, India, Nepal and Vietnam involved in development of various simulation software, engineering consultancy, academic event management and journal publications”

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